Our Story

Hi, my name is Kim Reid and this is my story

I got the idea for customizable shoes when I was shopping for my daughter Cassidy. I couldn’t find any shoes that were interesting.Cassidy was starting to outgrowing her “kids” shoes, but not quite ready for “grownup” shoes. 

I am a San Francisco Bay Area native who has worked in design since 1992.  During this time, I have had an amazing and very successful career in the fashion industry, working as a freelance designer for large and small apparel and home product companies in many different roles. 

I now have vast experience in a variety of areas of design and marketing. Working in the apparel, home, accessory, beauty, textile, graphic design, brand identity, packaging and web design industries, has given me the foundation for launching my own company, made-to-be.

My journey to China began when I re-connected with a friend that was in the sourcing business. 10 days after our first lunch meeting and piles of napkin scribbles, I was on a plane to China to source our first factories.

It took a year and a half with multiple China trips to perfect our patent pending “TWIST-ON-TWIST-OFF” system. All of the hard work has been worth it. Not only kids, but women love to wear our shoes too. We now sell as many shoes to women as to kids.

Thanks for checking out our brand.

Kim, Cassidy and the made-to-be Team